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Why hire a running coach?

Have you been in a training rut? Need an extra push to get that next PR? Are constantly injured? Just don't know where to begin? A coach can help with all of this and more! I'll guide you through training, fueling, recovery, strength, injury prevention and everything else that goes into meeting your goals healthy and head on. Individual training plans are built entirely around YOU and your needs. 1:1 coaching is also available for extra motivation and in-person support.

Who hires a running coach?

Anyone looking to run stronger, smarter and faster. You don't have to be a professional or elite athlete--most of us aren't. Whether you're brand new to the sport or a seasoned marathoner, working with a coach can help you dial in your training for optimal performance.

How do I get started?

It's easy: take a look at my Coaching Services and then send a message through the Contact form with a little about what you're looking for. I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours!

What can my coach and I expect from each other?

This will vary from coach to coach, but I always ask that my athletes show up, put in the effort, communicate and listen. In return, they can expect me to support them through training (the ups and downs), update workouts in a timely manner and be available to address any questions or issues. I'm a resource, so please don't hesitate to use me! Every athlete is different, and I'm happy to discuss individual needs to ensure you're getting the most out of your coaching.

What if I don't have any race goals?

That's completely fine! If you'd like to try racing but don't know where to start, your coach is there to help guide and prepare you. It's also a-okay if you aren't interested in racing. A coach can work with you towards other fitness goals, such as weight loss or Army PFT.

How long should I train with a coach?

It depends on you and your goals. For a full marathon training cycle, I would recommend 4-6 months. For a half-marathon, 2-4 months is usually sufficient. Some athletes only work with a coach leading up to a goal race, while others like to have continued guidance through the off-season as well. There's really no wrong answer here as long as you feel that you're benefitting from the coaching.

What happens if I get injured?

Working with a coach can reduce injury risk, but unfortunately there's no fool-proof way to stay healthy all the time. If you are sidelined, your coach can help figure out what went wrong (was it the workouts? form? improper recovery?) and make changes to your training. They can also offer support and advise on how to maintain fitness through cross-training.

What's cross-training?

For runners, cross-training is any other sport or activity that boosts aerobic fitness. The most popular methods are often cycling, swimming, rowing, elliptical or StairMaster. Cross-training is a great low-impact alternative for athletes who are injured or looking to supplement their mileage without the extra wear. Yoga and strength training do NOT count as cross-training, although they can certainly improve your running in other ways!